Hi! This is my collection of right corner backgrounds for e-mail. If you haven't seen them before or don't know how to use them, please read the FAQ page first.

8/31/00- Due to a recent Webtv "upgrade" my corner backgrounds can no longer be seen correctly in e-mail or newsgroup posts. Because of this I will make no further updates on this site. I will however leave it as it is. I enjoyed building and working on this site and appreciate everyone who visited and kindly signed my guest book .Thanks again to those who gave me such treasured awards and to the special friends I made in the process of it all.

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~ 4/1/00 ~
Thanks Paul !!!

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Thanks WARP !!!

~ 2/13/00 ~
Thanks Doc for this GREAT honor !

Thanks for visiting ! I will be adding more as time allows. If you didn't see something you liked, there are links to other great corner BG sites on the FAQ page.

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