These backgrounds are transparent. You will need to use them with a background color of your choice.Like this:
<<>NOEMBED><<>BODY BACKGROUND="URL of BG" bgcolor="any" text="any"><<>/NOEMBED>
You won't see the gif in the corner while you are writing the e-mail.
If you find your typing is effected by this background, use the Remove Signature button that webTV has given us , then add it back before you push send.
These backgrounds will tile/repeat if you write really long e-mails.
Please transload any backgrounds to your own web site using either Domania Freeloader or Star Blvd Transloader.
These backgrounds were made using this transparent gif(544x1000) at Image Magick with a black background color in mind, unless otherwise stated.
Would you like to make your own corner backgrounds? Deb-29 has written an excellent tutorial that will take you step by step. I learned how to make mine when I read a post in the alt.discuss.html news group by Jerry Hollingshead. I want to thank him for helping me with this and other Html questions. He's the best : ) I would also like to give many thanks to my friend Naji. She has helped me more than anyone.Thanks Naji for everything!!!
9/20 These transparent backgrounds make really cute stationary ! If you have a printer give it a try.

Najis E-mail Accents
Deb's Corner Depot
Aylas Corner Hangout
Joanies Corner Boutique
Sandys Signatures
Jordans Corner Bgs 4 Webtv
Jo's Corner Backgrounds

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